Wind Chimes

Need to find the perfect gift? Personalized Wind Chimes fit the bill

When looking for that perfect gift so often you find yourself exasperated. You want to give something lasting and special. You need something that your loved one will cherish. Personalized wind chimes are the answer! Wind chimes will give a lifetime of pleasure and when you add your personalized message, it gives that unique touch to remind someone of how much you care for him/her.

Wind chimes date back to the early B.C. period mainly in Asian cultures.
 They were used for protecting crops from birds or animals and for religious or ceremonial practices. The wind chimes we are accustomed to seeing today are actually a revision of a musical instrument used in orchestras during the nineteenth century.

Wind chimes are a very attractive addition to any indoor or outdoor decor. You can escape into another world when listening to the soothing sounds sway in the gentle breeze. It is told that the captivating tones carried in the breeze can heal the soul. Simply listening to the wind chimes' soothing tones can calm nerves and reduce stress. This is just one of the many reasons that personalized wind chimes would make the perfect gift.

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Gift Giving Occasions

Personalized wind chimes are memorable gifts. They allow you to leave a thoughtful, lasting impression to the recipient. Plus you will have the satisfaction that your personalized gift will keep giving throughout a lifetime. You can count on personalized wind chimes to fit the bill as the perfect gift for any occasion.
Mother's Day - "Thanks for always being there for me" or "I Love You"
Valentine's Day - "Be Mine" or "Love of My Life"
Wedding - "Best wishes to a happy couple" or "bride and groom's name and wedding date"
Housewarming - "Bless this home" or "Home is where the heart is"
Graduation - "Congratulations graduate and year"
Achievement- "Congratulations on your success"
Anniversary - "No. of years married" and/or "Wishing you happiness in the years to come"
Friendship - "Friends are forever"
Just because - "Thinking of you"
All the above are terrific reasons to give personalized wind chimes to commemorate that special occasion. Having your wind chimes engraved with a personal message will let your loved one know that you took the extra step because you want them to remember the love and appreciation you hold for them.

There are so many ways the recipient of wind chimes can enjoy their gift. They can curl up in a hammock and enjoy the relaxing tones in the backyard, pull weeds or plant flowers while listening to the wind chimes sway in the gentle breeze, place them in an office or bedroom window to help relieve the stress from the days work, or hang them on a door to greet guests with a warm tone when entering the home. If you have your wind chimes personalized then every time they hear the graceful tones they will remember your loving thoughts and care.

If that special person is an avid gardener then they will agree that wind chimes add a pleasing sensory layer to the garden. Wind chimes are very popular and make the perfect gift idea because of the soul-soothing tones they produce with just the slightest movement from a flowing breeze. It really makes no difference which style of wind chimes you choose to give, the recipient will enjoy your thoughtful purchase, every time the wind blows.

Selecting the Best

Wind chimes are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. Size ranges to choose from include: petite, small, medium, large, extra-large, and super. Each size contains a large variety of ancient or modern tones to choose from. When choosing your wind chimes you need to look for the highest quality craftsmanship to assure the best sound. You should purchase wind chimes that are hand-made in the United States for top rate quality and sound.

The materials used for wind chimes are also very important not only for rich sound quality but durability as well. Wind chimes are designed for outdoor display so they must be able to withstand the effects from the  sun, extreme temperatures, and different types of precipitation.  The
most durable wind chime material is tempered aluminum. Wind chimes made from tempered aluminum are sure to stand the test of time because they are resistant to cracking or drying in any climate. You should also look for wind chimes made with rot resistant woods such as redwood or cedar. Redwood and cedar are both softwoods and they eliminate harsh overtones of wind chimes and help produce a clear elegant sound. The string is equally important in the life and sound of wind chimes. Dacron is a high quality weather resistant custom braided material. If you look for all these qualities in the wind chimes you select for that special someone you are investing in a lifetime of memories.

Give a Wedding Gift that Lasts with Personalized Wind Chimes

Finding that perfect wedding gift is no picnic.  There are so many wedding gift items available today that you could search for hours in your local department store or on the Web trying to find a great wedding gift!  Perhaps the reason buying a wedding gift is so difficult is because it must have all these characteristics:  personal, liked by both the bride and groom, useful, meaningful, unique and don't forget - affordable.  Fortunately, a personalized wind chime will fit into all these criteria and beyond.

Custom Engraved Wind chimes as Personal and Meaningful Gifts

One often doesn't think of wind chimes as being very personal. But when the wind chimes have the bride and groom's names and a caring message from you engraved on it, it becomes a very meaningful wedding gift!  You can have a short personal message engraved on the wind chime to express your joy for their marriage.  It's like having your card and gift wrapped in one neat package!

Personalized wind chimes can be a keepsake for many years to come.
Every time the wind blows, the newlyweds will hear the soothing sounds of the wind chimes and remember that most precious day - their wedding day.

Personalized Wind Chimes as a Useful Gift

Another reason personalized wind chime make a great wedding gift is because they are useful and add beauty to the couple's home.  They can be hung anywhere outdoors - on the front or back porch, patio, near a window or swing, in a tree or in a garden.  A beautiful, engraved wind chime will enhance the couple's home decor while providing relaxing sounds in the breeze.

A Gift for Two

One reason it can be difficult to select a wedding gift is because so many gift items are meant for either a man or woman, but rarely both.  A personalized wind chime is something they both will enjoy.  Wind chimes come in different sizes so you can choose just the right size for their porch or patio.  You can also choose from several different wind chime sounds to create just the right harmony for the new couple's home.

Personalized Wind Chimes are Unique

Wedding couples receive more than enough photo albums and picture frames, house wares, candle holders, etc.  These are all wonderful gifts, but they are also common to almost all weddings.  You want to give a wedding gift that's unusual, romantic and personal.  Personalized wind chimes might be the answer.  With your personal message engraved on the wind plate, the wind chimes will be treasured by the couple. Wind chimes are rarely seen as wedding gifts, so your gift will really stand out.

Not a Seasonal Gift

Whether the wedding takes place in fall, spring, summer or winter, an engraved wind chime will make a fantastic wedding gift any time of the year.  Wind chimes are useful and decorative year round and usually can remain in place throughout the entire year.  So, the couple will be able to enjoy their gift right away no matter what the season at the time of their wedding.

Personalized Wind chimes make an Affordable Wedding Gift

Many personalized wedding gifts are very expensive.  You could spend $500 or more on a really nice engraved item.  A benefit of buying personalized wind chimes is they are affordable, even those that are hand-tuned and of the finest of quality.  You can find small wind chimes that are both beautiful and durable for as little as $50, or larger ones for around $120 to $250.  That's a great bargain for an engraved gift that's also practical for everyday living!

Online Shopping for Personalized Wind Chimes

Instead of going from store to store looking for that perfect wedding gift, you can buy personalized wind chimes online and save time and money.  The item can be shipped right to your door so you never have to leave your home to find a thoughtful wedding gift. At many online wind chime gift sites, you can even opt to have the wind chimes wrapped in gift wrapping paper to match the occasion and include a gift card with the package.

Ideas for Wedding Gift Wind Chimes

Here are just a few ideas to help make your wind chime gift as special as it can be.

Instead of a message from yourself, write a wedding poem to have engraved on the wind chime's wind plate.  Just a sentence or two will do, depending on how much engraving space is available.  Be sure to include the bride and groom's names.

Package the wind chimes with another gift item such as a live plant or flower. You can also include a decorative "Welcome" plate or sign with the couple's last name engraved on it that they can hang beside the entrance door.  Other ideas include gift certificates to spend during the honeymoon, a wedding gift basket containing goodies for snacking on the wedding night, etc.

With personalized wind chimes, you can give a gift that the couple will remember for many years to come.  They can reminisce about their wedding day each time the wind chimes play a song!

Personalized Wind Chimes: Ideal Gift for Any Occasion

Ancient giant bamboo chimes had practical uses such as protecting rice fields from birds and animals.  Musical and artistic qualities of wind chimes were refined by ancient Asian civilizations.  The Chinese in particular were skilled metal workers and excellent iron refiners.  Wind chimes designed by the Chinese were used for religious and ceremonial purposes.  The wind chimes were believed to drive off evil spirits while inviting kind spirits.

In the nineteenth century tubular bells were used in orchestras.  This instrument sparked the perfection and the development of precisely tuned high-quality wind chimes.  Modern technology allowed for wind chimes to be precisely cut and tuned so that they can resound ancient or modern musical scales.  Multitudes of people have been captivated by the melodic sounds of wind chimes throughout history.  Today a garden or patio just isn't complete without the harmonious tone of a properly tuned wind chime.

Wind chimes are the ideal gift for any occasion.  Give that special person a memorable gift that will withstand the weathers of life (literally).  Wind chimes made with high quality craftsmanship will enhance any surrounding and leave an impression that will last a lifetime.  You can make giving wind chimes more memorable by having them personalized.  Personalized wind chimes are perfect for expressing your care in a way that will continuously warm the heart of the recipient.
The wind chimes' graceful, soothing tones will resonate glorious sound while striking a memory of your love through your personalized gift.

Special Occasions

Tell your mother or wife how much you appreciate all they do with a set of wind chimes that have a personalized message on Mother's Day.  Some message ideas are: "Thank you for all you do.  With love, your name,"
"Eternally grateful.  Your loving son/daughter/husband, your name," or "A mother's love is ever-lasting. Thank you, your name."  She will always treasure your thoughtfulness when she hears the wind softly blow the chimes with a gentle breeze.

On Valentine's Day give wind chimes with a personalized note of your undying love and affection to your one and only.  A few message ideas are: "Forever yours,"  "To my one and only,"  "My Soul Mate,"  "Be Mine," or "Happy Valentine's Day."  Whatever message you decide on, when the chimes harness the wind as player and composer it will continue to remind him/her of your happy times together and resound the sweet confession of your love.

Personalized wind chimes make a thoughtful wedding gift.  Help the bride and groom commemorate their special day with a blessing to them from you.  Some message ideas include: "Bride and Groom's name, wedding date, your name,"  "Wishing you love and happiness," or "Congratulations on your blessed union."  Throughout their years together they will forever be delighted by the melodic sound of the wind chimes and reminded of your heartfelt wishes for them.

What better way to help someone add ambiance to their new home than with a personalized set of wind chimes?  Wind chimes add character to an atmosphere and make the ideal housewarming gift.  They will set off any decor and leave a warm memory of your friendship through the gentle tones adrift in the breeze.

There are many ways a person can enjoy wind chimes.  You may prefer to hang your wind chimes outdoors where you relax and catch a nap in a hammock, work in your garden, or prepare a romantic dinner on the patio to the soothing peaceful sound of your wind chimes.  On the other hand you may prefer to enjoy your wind chimes indoors.  One common indoor idea is to hang your chimes in a bedroom window and let sweet sounds in the breeze sway you to sleep on a cool spring or hot summer night.  Placing wind chimes in your office helps to relieve stress from a busy day.


When choosing wind chimes only the highest quality, best sounding chimes will do.  Quality and craftsmanship walk hand in hand; where wind chimes are concerned one cannot be without the other.  Wind chimes must be clear of tone and resonance to produce a pure sound.  The material used will determine the tone and durability.  Tempered aluminum chimes and top rings are resistant to cracking or drying, while they produce top quality sound.  Redwood and cedar strikers are not likely to rot and they will eliminate harsh overtones in the wind chimes.  The strings should be made of a weather resistant material such as Dacron.  The wind chimes tubes should be precisely placed so that the striker hits each tube in the musical "sweet spot" or exact middle for the most elegant tones.  When having your wind chimes personalized you should make sure your engraving is preserved on a material such as brushed aluminum that will endure any climate and withstand the test of time.

Whatever the occasion, whoever the person to receive them, wind chimes are the perfect gift.  When you give personalized wind chimes you know it will provide a lifetime of pleasure and be a constant reminder of how important they are to you.