Create a Tranquil Setting with Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can make a great complementary adornment, both outdoors inside the house, placed near a window. As the mild wind hits them, you are carried to a different realm. It is believed that they can heal tension - the relaxing sounds of chimes have always been described as “ healing ” for the mind and spirit. Windchimes are also perfect presents for anyone in your life who could use extra peace and relaxation. At the end of the day (literally), the benefits of windchimes are many.

Use of Chimes In Ancient Romain Times And In Southeastern Asian Empires

Roman windchimes, called tintinnabulum, were typically hung in home gardens, courtyards, and porticoes where the wind would move them and fill the air with a delightful musical sound. Bells were believed to give cover from evil spirits and were often used in combination with a phallus — a representation of good luck.

In the second century CE, India and China began making large pagodas and dangled small wind bells from every corner so the wind would catch each one. Wind bells were thought to deter troublesome wildlife from entering, as well as frighten off any ill-intentioned spirits. Wind bells were not necessarily limited to pagodas; they were additionally displayed under the eaves and cornices of places of worship, and houses.

Wind chimes became a modern-day adornment when the Chinese started casting metal bells, in approximately 1100 B.C. Used mainly in religious ceremonies, the yong-zhong—a bell devoid of a striker — was created by specialized metal artisans. The new wind bell is based upon a Chinese concept known as the feng-ling. Religious buildings and shrines spanning China were originally adorned with feng-lings as protection from evil, and to invite spirits of good will. All throughout Asian countries, wind chimes are understood to help maximize and promote the movement of living energy, or chi.

Wind Chimes: How to Truly Appreciate Their Music

Appreciating your chimes can take various forms. Hang them on your patio and drift off to sleep in your hammock while the gentle wind plays a gentle song. Or, of course, you can always place them inside the house, should you prefer. On a hot summer night, you should try dangling the chimes close to your open bedroom window to send you off into a sweet state of sleep. You might also experience a more harmonious work space by hanging wind chimes inside your place of work. Wind chimes give endless benefits and delight!

The Many Rewards of Wind Chimes

Do you want to improve your ability to unwind and calm your mind? Then listen to the soothing sounds of windchimes. These sounds can be therapeutic for body, mind and spirit. They encourage all of us to be more present, more imaginative and happy - while also alleviating stress and fatigue. Perfectly adjusted wind chimes, specifically those made of metal bells, provide a vibrant, resonant sound. Wind chimes produce a feeling associated with innermost serenity and also motionlessness plus they tend to be a perfect instrument for sound meditation, since they always sound like the common syllable, Aum. Bells tend to be ritually used at church buildings, temples and retreat centers, because their distinctive ringing invokes heedfulness, receptiveness and also contemplation. It is widely understood that listening to to the sounds of windchimes can reduce stress and enhance relaxation and calmness. Chimes are an ancient and powerful way to heal the physical body and spirit. They allow us to be more present, more creative and joyful - while also reducing tension and lethargy. Similar to the universal sound of Aum, their tones can create a very calm inner feeling of peace, as well as awaken the senses. Chimes are what you need if you want something beautiful that can also create a sense of peace and serenity to your area.

Wind Bells and Chimes: Classic Design

Bamboo, metal, wood, ceramic or glass are the most commonly used materials in the making of windchimes. In the central part of the rods is a striker which hits the rods when the breeze catches it, creating the chime’s melodious sound. Wind chimes range in sizing from giant bronze bells weighing hundreds of pounds to the littlest tubes created into earrings and pendants.

Bamboo and metal tubes several feet long are the more sought after materials utilized in wind chimes these days. They can be hung indoors, for example, in a mudroom or in the vicinity of a kitchen window or outside from the rafters.

Since the ’70s, wind chime manufacturers have been developing very intricate, musical chimes with highly accurate tones that have become very popular today. Contemporary metal windchimes can now be found in tunable musical pitches. A few of these designs have tunings unique to diverse nationalities, such as Japanese, Hawaiian, and Balinese.

Custom Wind Chimes Make a Perfect Gift
From a sweet “I Adore You to the Moon and Back” to a low-key “ Great Friends are For Life " make great messages. Know that every time the breeze catches those chimes, a melodious wave will carry your unique message. read more

Personalized Wind Chimes: The Ideal Gift
From a sweet “I Adore You to the Moon and Back” to a low-key “ Great Friends are For Keeps" make great messages. And know that your love is going to sound in the air each and every time the breeze catches those chimes. read more

Tailor Wind Chimes for the Ultimate Wedding Gift
The chimes will also help the couple enhance the feng shui in their new home. Your gift will have a unique place in the couple’s hearts, reminding them of your love each time the chimes sound. read more

A Creative Gift: Custom Wind Bells and Windchimes
Write any kind of message — from “I Absolutely Adore You, Dear ” or “World’s Very Best Grandma, or “Live, Love, Laugh” — and capture the spirit of that occasion. Know that every time the wind hits those chimes, a melodious wave will carry your unique sentiment. read more