Customized Wind Chimes: The Ideal Gift

The stress to buy somebody the ideal gift may be challenging at times. You want it to be something your loved-one is going to delight in and enjoy for many years to come. A custom-made set of chimes may be the perfect thing! They make a thoughtful and long lasting present that they will take pleasure in for years to come.

Express yourself! Perhaps something funny like — “You’re Ducky, Love Goose”— or more serious —“Happy Valentine’s Day, Love ”— the message will be the best part of the gift. Know that any time the breeze catches those chimes, a melodic wave will carry your special sentiment.

Innovative Wind Bells and Windchimes

Wind chimes are produced from a wide spectrum of materials, from glass to wood, ceramics to metal, to bamboo and others. Suspended between the rods is a ringer which results in sound when it contacts the rods - creating when the wind blows through. Wind chimes vary in sizing from giant bronze bells weighing hundreds of pounds to the littlest channels designed into earrings and pendants.

Popular modern wind chime designs feature metal and bamboo tubes that are several feet high. They are installed both outdoors and inside depending on what is desired. Precision-engineered, highly high-tech musical chimes have been increasing in appeal since their debut in the 1970's. Modern metal windchimes can now be found in tunable musical pitches. Hawaiian, Japanese, and Balinese-cultural influences can be observed in some of these precision chime designs.

Understanding Your Wind Bell or Windchime

The definition of a wind chime, according to the dictionary, is “a bunch of little often graven pieces (of metal or glass) suspended so as to chime when moved by the wind." However, the intricacy of wind chimes is greatly understated by this simplified definition.

The wind chime is a kind of percussion instrument built from dangling tubes, rods, bells, or other objects, and frequently made of metal or wood. The natural movement of the air triggers the tubes or rods to strike a kind of weight or surface that is hung along with the tubes or rods.

Wind chimes are generally placed outside of buildings to add to the building’s appeal. Because the chimes being struck by the random effects of the wind, they create something called chance-based tunes. "Indistinct" or somewhat "distinct" pitches can sound from these tubes or rods. Basic melodies or broken chords can be produced by wind chimes which sound fairly distinct pitches, through the haphazard movement of air.

Different Ways to Enjoy Wind Bells and Chimes

How can you truly delight in your wind chimes? Hang them outside on the terrace where you can delight in some sweet music while you work or barbeque. Or if you want, you might move them inside the house. Let your chimes take you off to the land of sleep by hanging them close to your open bedroom window. You might also experience a nicer work space by hanging wind chimes around your place of work. Ultimately, wind chimes provide endless benefits!

Chimes: Good for the Soul

Wind chimes are not just a musical instrument, they also are a lovely accessory to your decor — both outdoors or inside the house. Let their soothing sounds take you to another place and time. Here is your new line Windchimes are also great gifts for anyone in your life who could use extra peace and relaxation. At the end of the day (literally), the benefits of wind chimes are many.

The Wind Bell or Wind Chime: Good For Your Wellbeing
It is widely believed that listening to to the sound of windchimes can cut back on stress and enhance relaxation and calmness. The music created from these instruments can have positive results on your health - both physically and mentally. They fight off fatigue as well as prompt us to tune in, be present,... read more

Learning About Your Wind Bell or Windchime
They are often placed outside of a building or residence as visual adornment. Wind chimes are thought of as an example of chance-based tunes because they are struck according to the random effects of the wind. Both indistinct and rather distinct pitches are produced by the tubes or rods. With the the haphazard movement of air, wind chimes can create simplified melodies or broken chords and... read more

Vintage Wind Bells and Chimes
Trendy contemporary wind chime designs feature metal and bamboo tubes that are several feet high. They can be displayed outside on porches and decks or inside close to windows. Continuously gaining in popularity are the remarkably musical, precision-tonal chimes manufacturers began creating back in the seventies. These days, shoppers can choose wind chimes with tunable pitches. Many of these... read more

Lighten Your Spirit with A Quality Wind Chime
Wind chimes release an instinctive reflectiveness, like enjoying a long-forgotten song or a longing for an ancestral homeland. On waves of sound, they carry us through time and space to a magical space. When you suddenly recall something and mention that it “rings a bell”, you’re referencing that relationship between sound... read more