Lighten Your Spirit with A Quality Wind Bell or Chime

Captivating and uplifting instruments, wind chimes infuse our physical world with a spiritual element. Generating a feeling of transcendence, wind chimes are often associated with a sense of the mystical. Even if they don’t understand why, people find themselves pulled to them. Producing an overtone of the sacred, they take us nearer to a sense of the godly.

Wind chimes release an instinctive reflectiveness, like hearing a long-forgotten song or a aching for an ancestral native land. Wakening our spirit, they move us through time and inspire our feelings into mystical space. The saying “this rings a bell” is connected to the notion that memory is connected to sound. Arousing a sensation of deja-vu, they transport you back in time with their marvelous sound.

Why Customized Chimes Make the Great Wedding Present

Whenever you are searching for that distinctive wedding present, think about a set of gorgeous customized wind chimes. Join in the happy couple’s special event, offering something unforgettable to commemorate the occasion. Your message could say, for instance, “Wishing you a Lifetime of Love and Joy" or "May your Love Last a Lifetime".

By adding wind chimes to their new residence, the feng shui of their new house will improve greatly. Your gift will certainly maintain a unique place in the couple’s hearts, reminding them of your friendship each time the chimes sound.

Wind Bells and Wind Chimes in Ancient Rome

Gardens, courtyards, and porticoes sprang to life with the musical songs of Roman wind chimes, known as tintinnabulum. A phallus, a symbol of good fortune and a talisman to protect against the evil eye, was often used in combination with the sound of bells to keep off harmful spirits.

During the 2nd century CE, India and China began making great pagodas and dangled small wind bells from each corner so the wind would catch each one. It was believed that chimes repelled harmful spirits from entering the area, as well as keep birds away from the garden. Pagodas were not the only location for chimes; they also often dangled from the rooves of residences, {temples | places of worship, and palaces.

Wind chimes grew to be a contemporary adornment once the Chinese began molding metallic bells, in about 1100 B.C. Utilized mainly in religious ceremonies, the yong-zhong—a bell devoid of a striker — was created by skilled metal artisans. The modern-day wind bell is built from a Chinese style known as the feng-ling. Temples and shrines all through China used to be hung with feng-lings as safety from evil, and to draw in spirits of good will. Maximizing the motion of life force — or chi—is thought to be assisted by the musical sound of wind chimes.

Different Ways to Enjoy Windchimes

There are so many different ways to get the best out of your wind chimes. You might choose to hang them outside where you can take a short nap, work in your garden, or prepare a romantic meal. Or if you like, you might take them inside. Hang the chimes around an open bedroom window and enable you to be lulled to sleep with sounds of delicate musical notes. Also, experience a better harmonious work space by hanging chimes near your office area. Why on earth would you not want to get some wind chimes?

The Original Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are made up of hanging rods made of metal, bamboo, wood, glass, or ceramic. Most wind chimes have a ringer which falls in the middle, hitting the rods when the wind captures it, creating musical tones. Varying in size from minute earrings and pendants to sizable bronze bells weighing in at hundreds of pounds, wind chimes come in a number of different sizes.

The most common wind chime creations today feature long tubes, normally made of bamboo and metal. They can be displayed out in the open on porches and decks or indoors near windows.

Since the 1970's, wind chime manufacturers have been providing highly advanced, musical chimes with highly accurate tones that have become very popular today. Metal wind chimes, presently, are offered in tunable musical pitches. Hawaiian, Japanese, and Balinese-cultural influences can be observed in some of these precision chime designs.

Populate Your Private Garden With Wind Bells and Wind Chimes
Stirring our souls with reminders of a forgotten time or easier way of life, the melodious tones of wind chimes call forth a unearthly awareness. As if traveling through time and space, moved by music and memory, they awaken our life force. The link between memory and bells is alluded to every time somebody asks you, “Does this ring a bell?” Arousing a feeling of deja-vu, they take... read more

The Chime: Good For Your Well-Being
It is widely believed that listening to to the sound of windchimes can reduce stress and enhance inner peace and calmness. Chimes are an age-old and effective way to heal the body and spirit. They fight off lethargy and remind us to tune in, pay attention to the now, and enjoy life! Better adjusted wind chimes, especially any designed of metallic bells, offer a vibrant, resonant... read more

Choosing the Perfect Wind Bell or Windchime
The materials utilized in the making of chimes are very important for rich sound quality as well as durability. Because wind chimes are meant to be in the open air, they have to be durable enough to endure temperature ranges and changing weather conditions. The most robust metal available is tempered aluminum because it will resist drying or even... read more

Looking For An Excellent Gift? Give Customized Chimes
From a nice “I Love You to the Moon and Back” to a subdued “ Best Friends are Forever " make great messages. And know that every time the breeze blows passes through those chimes, the melodic waves will reflect your special sentiments. read more