Personalize Wind Bells and Chimes for the Perfect Wedding Gift

Customized windchimes are a superb, distinct wedding gift. Add to the happy couple’s wonderful memories of their wedding day with your special offering. Your message could say, for example, “Wishing you a Lifetime of Love and Happiness " or "May your Love Last a Lifetime".

The chimes will also help the newlyweds enhance the feng shui in their new house. Throughout their time together, they will appreciate the melodic sound of the wind chimes and at the same time think of you.

Guidelines for trying to find The Best Wind Bells and Windchimes

A variety of wind chimes exist in many different designs as well as sizes in the marketplace. You can choose from an assortment of sizes: petite, small, medium, large, extra-large, and even super, and each size is offered in traditional or modern-day tones. When picking out your wind chimes, look for the highest quality craftsmanship to guarantee the very best sound. Buying hand crafted wind chimes made in the USA is an excellent choice.

Wind chimes made with high - caliber materials will last longer and provide greater sound excellence. Given that wind chimes are meant to be outdoors, they have to be durable enough to survive temperatures and changing weather. The strongest material out there is treated aluminum because it will resist drying out or splitting, whatever the environment. At the same time, consider wind chimes produced from corrosion-resistant types of wood including cedar and redwood. As softwoods, redwood and cedar prevent undesirable wind chime overtones as well as create a rich sound quality. The quality and pitch of wind chimes depend on the string used - dacron is often uses because it is a braided material that is well -suited for every climate. Look for all of these features and you will get the best wind chimes for you!

How to Experience The Sweet Sounds of Your Chime

There are many ways a person can enjoy wind chimes. Install them outdoors on the porch so you can enjoy some sweet music while you work or barbeque. Or if you like, you can bring them indoors. On any warm summer night, you should try dangling your chimes close to any open bedroom window to send you off into a sweet state of slumber. Also, reduce pressure at while working by hanging some chimes on the window of your workplace. In summary, the pleasures and benefits of windchimes are unlimited!

Why Wind Bells and Chimes are Beneficial

Hung outside the house or in the house, wind chimes are a charming accessory. As the light wind hits them, you are transported to an alternative world. It is believed that merely hearing the musical sounds of chimes can restore your spirit. chimes also make perfect presents for anyone in need of a little comfort and peace. All in all, wind chimes will add so much to your life!

Use of Windchimes In Ancient Romain Times And In Asian Empires

Roman wind chimes, called tintinnabulum, were usually hung in home gardens, courtyards, and entryways where the wind would move them and fill the air with a beautiful tinkling melody. Bells, believed to ward off harmful spirits, were many times placed with a phallus, a symbol of good fortune as well as a charm against the evil eye.

Great pagodas with small wind bells place din each corner grew to be fashionable in India in the second century CE, and later in China - this way music would be heard all throughout. Chimes also served to keep exposed places free from dangerous creatures, as well as deter any malicious spirits. Beyond adorning pagodas, chimes were also strung from the roofs of palaces, places of worship, and even personal residences.

From about 1100 B.C., the Chinese started casting metallic bells, hence modernizing the production of wind chimes. Spiritual rituals utilized specific bells created by specialized artisans, such as the yong-zhong which is a metallic bell without a striker. The Chinese additionally introduced a bell named the feng-ling, which is the predecessor of the majority of modern wind bells. Strung from many shrines and pagodas, the feng-lings attracted benevolent spirits and repelled evil ones. Optimizing the flow of life force — called chi—is said to be aided by the melodious tinkling of wind chimes.

Customized Wind Chimes: The Ideal Gift
Express yourself! Perhaps something funny like — “You’re Ducky, Love Goose”— or more serious —“Happy Valentine’s Day, Love ”— the message will be the best part of the gift. Know that any time the breeze catches those chimes, a melodic wave will carry your special ... read more

The Wind Bell or Windchime: Good For Your Wellbeing
It is believed that listening to wind chimes can help one slow down, leading to a reduction in anxiety-related issues. Chimes are an ancient and powerful way to heal the physical body and spirit. They fight off fatigue and remind us to listen, pay attention to the now, and be happy! Metallic bell wind... read more

Why Chimes are Good for the Spirit
Do you want to improve your ability to relax and calm your mind? Then listen to the soothing sounds of windchimes. The music created from these instruments may have positive results on your health - both physically and mentally. They allow all of us to be more present, more imaginative and happy - while also reducing stress and fatigue. Perfectly calibrated wind... read more

Use of Windchimes In Ancient Romain Times And In Asian Empires
From approximately 1100 B.C., the Chinese began creating metal bells, therefore modernizing the manufacturing of chimes. Used mainly in spiritual ceremonies, the yong-zhong—a bell without a clapper — was created by specialized metal artisans. The modern-day wind bell is modeled upon a Chinese ... read more

Your Wind Bell or Wind Chime As A Tool Of Contentment
Rousing our spirits with reminders of a forgotten time or easier way of life, the melodious sounds of wind chimes call forth a spiritual awareness. On waves of sound, they transport us through time and space to a mystical space. The connection between memory and bells is alluded to every time somebody asks you, “Does this ring a bell?” Their magic of their song takes you back to long lost experiences. read more

The History of Wind Bells and Wind Chimes: Italy and Asia
The modernization of wind chimes commenced in the twelfth century, once China began molding metallic bells in increased amounts. Highly trained craftsmen created metal bells, including the yong-zhon (a clapperless bell), designed for use in religious rituals. The modern-day wind bell is built on a Chinese concept known as the feng-ling. Feng-lings were understood to draw in benevolent ... read more