The Wind Bell or Windchime: Good For Your Wellbeing

It is believed that listening to wind chimes can help one slow down, leading to a reduction in anxiety-related issues. Chimes are an ancient and powerful way to heal the physical body and spirit. They fight off fatigue and remind us to listen, pay attention to the now, and be happy! Metallic bell wind chimes which are perfectly calibrated produce dazzling melodies with every ring. The pitch associated with wind chimes is actually comparable to the curing yoga sound of Aum, that helps bond us all to our sense of hearing and also sight and additionally a sensation of innermost equilibrium as well as harmony. The principle associated with ringing bells in faith based or spiritual events and havens is to just let go of digressive thinking and travel back to that perfect consciousness which is actually each of our natural condition. It is believed that listening to windchimes will help one slow down, leading to a reduction in anxiety-related issues. These sounds can be healing to your body, mind and soul. They fight off lethargy as well as prompt us to listen, be present, and be happy! Resembling the universal sound of "Aum", they help tremendously with meditation as the sounds bring about a calm trance-like feeling and stimulate the senses. If you are looking to add a certain "je-ne-sais-quoi" to your personal space, get some wind chimes!

Tailor Wind Bells and Chimes for the Ultimate Wedding Gift

Individualized wind chimes make a special wedding gift. Give the newlyweds your blessing for their important day. Add a thoughtful message such as: “Wishing you Both a Lifetime of Joy,” “All our Love,” or “ Best Wishes on your Special Day.”

These chimes will help your friends beautify their brand new residence as well as enhance the energy. Through the years, your friends will appreciate the wind chimes and remember your thoughtfulness and friendship.

Use of Windchimes In Roman Times And In Asian Empires

Gardens, courtyards, and doorways sprang to life with the musical sounds of Roman wind chimes, known as tintinnabulum. Bells, believed to ward off evil spirits, were often combined with a phallus, a symbol of positivity as well as a charm against the evil eye.

Huge pagodas grew to be popular in India and China during the 2nd century CE, and in every corner of the structure hung tiny wind bells, placed to catch the tiniest wind. Chimes also helped to keep exposed places free from dangerous creatures, as well as deter any malevolent spirits. Beyond decorating pagodas, chimes were also strung from the roofs of palaces, temples, and even houses.

The modernization of wind chimes commenced during the twelfth century, after China started molding metallic bells in higher volumes. Used typically in religious rituals, the yong-zhong—a bell without a striker — was crafted by skilled metal artisans. The modern-day wind bell is modeled upon a Chinese design identified as the feng-ling. Religious buildings and shrines all through China used to be hung with feng-lings as protection from evil, and to invite spirits of good will. Commonly used all through the East in present times, wind chimes are used to increase chi flow—the movement of living energy.

A Creative Gift: Custom Chimes

Looking for the perfect gift for somebody might often end in disappointment. You want your loved one to receive a special gift they willcherish, forever. A customized set of chimes may be the perfect thing! They will offer a lifetime of pleasure, and when you add your personalized message, it adds a unique touch to remind them of how much you care.

Include any message — from “I Love You, Dear ” to “World’s Greatest Grandma, or “Live, Love, Laugh” — and capture the tone of the celebration. And know that your love will sound in the air every time the wind hits those chimes.

Exploring The Mysteries of Wind Bells and Chimes

The meaning of a wind chime, according to the dictionary, is “a bunch of small often molded pieces (of metal or glass) suspended so as to chime when moved by the wind." However, they are more complex than this simply-stated definition.

Metal and wood are the most common materials employed to build the hanging tubes, rods, bells, or other objects which constitute wind chimes - a sort of percussion instrument. The tubes or rods are hung along with a type of weight which the tubes or rods hit against when they are blown by a breeze or the wind.

Wind chimes are typically placed outside of structures to add to the building’s appeal. The random effects of the wind are responsible for blowing the chimes; therefore, they are considered an illustration of chance-based tunes. "Indistinct" or fairly "distinct" pitches can sound from these pipes or rods. Windchimes that sound fairly distinct pitches can, through the haphazard movement of air, create simple tones or broken chords.

Why Wind Bells and Windchimes are Good for the Spirit
Do you want to enhance your ability to unwind and calm your senses? Then listen to the soothing sounds of wind chimes. The music created from these instruments can have positive results on your health - both physically and mentally. They allow all of us to be more present, more imaginative and joyful -... read more

Why Chimes are So Inspiring
Hung outside or indoors, wind chimes make a nice adornment. Relax to their soothing sounds , as they move in the gentle wind. Legend has it that the musical sounds of wind chimes can restore the spirit. Also windchimes make for the perfect gift for anyone in need of a bit of... read more

Looking For An Excellent Present? Give Personalized Wind Chimes
Write any note — from “I Love You, Sweetie” or “World’s Best Grandma, to “Live, Love, Laugh” — and capture the spirit of the event. And know that every time the wind blows passes through those chimes, the melodic waves will reflect your special feelings. read more

Let A Wind Bell or Chime Be The Backdrop For Your Undisturbed, Private Space
Inspiring our spirits with reminders of a forgotten time or easier way of life, the musical tones of wind chimes provoke a spiritual awareness. As if wandering through time and space, transported by music and memory, they awaken our spirit. When you unexpectedly remember something and mention that it “rings a bell”, you are referencing ... read more