Why Chimes are Good for the Spirit

Do you want to improve your ability to relax and calm your mind? Then listen to the soothing sounds of windchimes. The music created from these instruments may have positive results on your health - both physically and mentally. They allow all of us to be more present, more imaginative and happy - while also reducing stress and fatigue. Perfectly calibrated wind chimes, specifically any designed of metal bells, produce a rich, resonant melody. Get in touch with that universal, powerful sound of Aum by tuning in to the sounds created by wind chimes. The idea associated with ringing bells during faith based or spiritual events and even havens is to let go of discursive thinking and then come back towards that pure consciousness that is one's natural condition. It is widely understood that listening to to the sound of windchimes can reduce stress and promote relaxation and serernity. These sounds can be healing for body, mind and spirit. They fight off lethargy and remind us to tune in, be present, and be happy! Resembling the universal sound of "Aum", they help greatly with meditation as the sounds bring about a calm trance-like feeling and stimulate the senses. Windchimes are the ideal addition if you seek to beautify your outdoor area as well as enhance the positive energy.

Personalize Wind Chimes for the Ultimate Wedding Gift

Personalized wind chimes make for a perfect wedding present. Honor their memorable day with a distinct, thoughtful offering for the bride-to-be and groom. Engrave a message like these: Wishing Love and Happiness,” “Hugs and Kisses,” or “May your Love Shine Brightly Always”.

By adding wind chimes to their new residence, the feng shui of their new house will improve greatly. Throughout their years together, they will always be delighted by the musical sound of the chimes and be reminded of your friendship.

A Unique Gift: Personalized Wind Bells and Chimes

often finding the most appropriate present is an exercise in futility. Of course you want your gift to have special significance — something your loved one will cherish forever. Why not give them customized chimes? They will offer a lifetime of pleasure, and when you add your personal message, it adds a special touch to remind them of how much you care.

Communicate the spirit of each occasion through your note, for example; “Bless Our Home ” at a housewarming, or “Best Friends For a Lifetime” for your bestie’s birthday celebration. And know that every time the breeze blows passes through those chimes, the melodic waves will reflect your special feelings.

Understanding Your Wind Bell or Windchime

According to the dictionary wind chimes are “ bundles of small often graven objects (of metal or glass) suspended so as to chime when moved by the wind". However, they are more complicated than this simply-stated definition.

The wind chime is a type of percussion instrument built from dangling tubes, rods, bells, or other objects, and frequently made of metallic elements or wood. When the wind hits the tubes, rods, or another wind-catching surface, it causes them to hit another suspended weight or surface.

They are often placed outside of a building or residence as visual adornment. The haphazard impact of the wind are responsible for swaying the chimes; therefore, they are thought to be an example of chance-based music. The tubes or rods may produce pitches that are indistinct or distinct. The breeze can lead to chimes which sound fairly distinct pitches to generate simplistic melodies or broken chords.

Wind Chimes: How to Really Appreciate Their Music

There are so many ways to get the best out of your windchimes. Display them outdoors on the terrace so you can enjoy some sweet tunes while you work or barbeque. Or, of course, you can always place them inside, if you wish. On a warm summertime night, try hanging the chimes around your open bedroom window to send you off into a sweet state of sleep. Additionally, ease pressure at while working by hanging some chimes on your window of your workplace. In summary, the joys and benefits of wind chimes are endless!

Brighten Your Spirit with A Quality Wind Bell or Windchime
They capture our senses and give us a kind of holy sanctuary and Divine Communion. As if wandering through time and space, moved by music and memory, they awaken our spirit. The expression “this rings a bell” is tied to the idea that memory is connected to sound. It is as though you recaptured a memory with their melodious tune. read more

The Origins of Chimes: Italy and Asia
From about 1100 B.C., the Chinese started creating metallic bells, hence modernizing the manufacturing of chimes. Spiritual ceremonies utilized specific bells created by skilled craftsmen, such as the yong-zhong which is a metal bell with no clapper. The Chinese also introduced a bell known as the feng-ling, which is the predecessor of most modern wind bells. Religious buildings and... read more

Selecting the Perfect Windchime
The materials from which wind chimes are produced determines their durability and lifespan, as well as sound. Seeing that wind chimes are made to be outside, they need to be resilient enough to endure extreme temperatures and changing weather. The most robust metal available is tempered ... read more